Don’t Choose The Wrong, This is The Best App To Buy Crypto

In more than a decade of existence, cryptocurrencies are finally on the financial landscape that many people are passionate about. These secure digital coins and tokens that enable faster transactions offer a variety of better alternatives for users, including in terms of investment, trading, to payment for products and services.

To date there have been many cryptocurrency apps popping up, but the sheer number of them can also be quite confusing for someone to determine which one is the right one.

After all, buying cryptocurrencies remains an option for many people besides mining it themselves, for this reason, determining the best app to buy crypto is the main focus that plays an important role in the midst of the many emerging applications. To overcome your doubts, here we present a list of the best apps to buy crypto that we have compiled from various trusted sources.

Best App To Buy Crypto

  • Binance

Providing access to over 600 cryptocurrencies, Binance is one of the best apps to buy crypto to date. With the large number and variety of coins, it can also mean that Binance is very prominent among its competitors, moreover this application also allows each user to be able to create a diverse portfolio in one place.

There is a convert feature that makes it easy for uninitiated users to exchange, buy or sell digital currency. Moreover, advanced crypto investors can also take advantage of customizable charts with various technical indicators.

Binance also unlocks the potential to increase profits through margin trading, as well as the various trading instruments available, such as fan tokens, futures, and options. The new Binance NFT marketplace even provides a dedicated place to buy and trade NFT.

Binance provides many opportunities to turn your crypto into more in the Earn section of the app, including staking, savings accounts, liquidity farms, and a Launchpad that allows you to earn newly launched coins.

Creating a free account on Binance is also very easy with various payment options for making deposits. The minimum deposit on Binance is $50 (approximately £40) and there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing fiat money. However, there are fees for crypto withdrawals that differ depending on the type of cryptocurrency. Apart from that, there are also Binance trading fees which are very low at less than 0.1%.

  • Coinbase

For beginners, Coinbase is the best app to buy the right crypto by offering many conveniences. The app’s layout is very clear and intuitive to navigate, making Coinbase a place that offers easy buying and selling of over 150 coins in just a few clicks.

Advanced tools and indicators are also available in the app, making it easier for users to view and manage portfolios on the dashboard. Apart from that, you can also set up regular automatic purchases through the repeat purchase feature, this being a simple way for all users to implement the dollar cost averaging strategy.

For those of you who want to develop a better understanding of the crypto world, Coinbase also provides very useful tips, tutorials, and educational articles. Interestingly, you can also earn free crypto with regular Coinbase learning and earning campaigns.

Not only that, a number of other features can also be found in the Coinbase application, such as self-storage wallets, NFT marketplaces, crypto collateral, and Coinbase Cards for spending crypto and the opportunity to earn rewards.

One of the advantages that are rarely found in other applications, is that Coinbase applies industry best practices and secure offline storage to ensure assets remain safe, even being able to protect user funds through crypto insurance and FDIC insurance.

To get started, Coinbase recommends each new user make a minimum initial deposit of $50 or £50 to verify your bank account, but to get started with crypto you can buy or sell as little as $2 or £2 of any cryptocurrency.

  • eToro

eToro has been named the best cryptocurrency application with the range and quality of services it provides. This is a great place for anyone to start their crypto portfolio, as users can find out comprehensively about the coins that are trending and the biggest daily movers.

Having a clear layout and providing an intuitive user-friendly experience, has made eToro a great place for beginners. While the rich feature set and the best technical analysis tools are considered to meet the needs of advanced users through this platform.

One of the main attractions that makes eToro unique among many other crypto applications, is in the innovative CopyTrader feature. This is a great tool for beginners or anyone who wants to increase the efficiency of their capital automatically, it can even be very profitable because this option will replicate the trades of the most successful traders around the world.

To support the Copytrading feature, eToro also frees you to browse the top traders and view statistics about them, from risk tolerance to return percentages all to make it easier for you to decide which trader to copy.

In addition, eToro is also known as a social investment community, meaning that all users can connect with each other to simply learn, share experiences, or access collective wisdom. You are also given the freedom to start trading crypto with the thousands of traditional financial instruments that eToro provides, such as stocks, commodities, forex and ETFs.

Getting started is very easy, you can open a free account with eToro without any management fees or commissions for shares. Whereas when you start trading crypto, you only need to pay a transparent 1% fee on every buying and selling activity, including a minimum deposit of only $10 (£8).

Those are some recommendations for the best apps to buy crypto that are great and convenient for trading cryptocurrencies. While there are tons of other crypto applications, this article should be enough to help you narrow them down and come up with the best, safest and most useful option according to your needs. So, which app will you choose?