Top Rank Best Bitcoin App 2022

Nowadays, the crypto app has become increasingly needed along with the large role of the digital currency itself. Their needs also vary, some people may just want to use the app to save, there are people who make it an investment, but not a few people who trade their tokens.

On the other hand, the many applications currently available do not fully meet your needs, so it is very important for you to choose the best crypto app according to your needs. Here we present some recommendation of the best bitcoin app for you.


Although initially better known as an app for banking and lending, SoFi also offers a basic crypto trading platform. The number may be quite limited because there are only 30 of the most famous tokens. However, novice users can still find a small number of crypto options that are acceptable to banks through this app.

SoFi’s crypto structure may also seem more expensive but offers convenience to its users, such as a 1.25% markup fee for each transaction. In addition, SoFi also limits trading volume to $50,000 per day, but this is what makes it suitable for beginners to start crypto although it may be considered less supportive for more advanced traders.


Kraken has been one of the options from the list of the best bitcoin app available since 2011. It’s also a good option for new users, being able to provide users with a friendly mobile and online experience.

In addition, Kraken also offers a variety of advanced features in it, this always encourages advanced traders to be able to make the most of it.

Just like a number of other applications, this application also offers a Pro version which will save money for buyers and sellers who frequently transact in it. This can happen because pro trading fees are based on a large monthly volume or about 0.26% of the first $50,000 per trade and will continue to fall as volume increases.


Webull is a solid trading platform for equities and was one of the first to expand into crypto as well. For those of you who want to invest in general, then Webull might be the best choice to keep all your trades in one place.

Beginners will also be presented with a tutorial to go through all the basics of crypto trading, including an overview of the most popular coins today. Webull also provides many useful features such as real-time data and customizable charts to help with your crypto trading needs.


For experienced traders, EToro is definitely a platform that is well known for its social investing, allowing you to see how more experienced investors buy and sell their assets. That’s what allows you to copy other people’s strategies for profit or vice versa, and use more than 120 cryptocurrencies with hundreds of stocks and funds traded on exchanges.

For starters, you can start with a $100,000 virtual account as a practice on eToro. Advanced traders can take advantage of the various features needed, including advanced charts and the AlgoX API Trading Program, as well as enabling professional crypto exchanges with additional assets available.

Those are some lists of the best bitcoin apps 2022 known so far, you can decide for yourself which app is most suitable to meet your crypto trading needs. But before that, make sure you understand exactly how the features and advantages offered by each app, so you can get the maximum benefit.


With more than 103 million users, Coinbase has become one of the best bitcoin app with all its conveniences. This app has a complete variety of features to support the needs of its users, from beginners to even professional traders, this can be proven by the existence of Coinbase Pro. Interestingly, beginners who are just starting their careers in cryptocurrency can immediately register and watch short educational videos that will automatically give free crypto.

Coinbase is also considered to be the best for investors who are new to crypto trading, this can be seen from the user-friendly website and application, low trading minimums even starting from $2, to the availability of various crypto educations.

This one app might be more suitable if it is called the best crypto app which is ideal for high volume crypto traders. provides over 250 assets to all US investors and thousands more internationally.

As for the cost, it will be calculated based on volume, starting from 0.40% to $25,000 which is then reduced by a sliding scale. This trading fee is relatively low, but unfortunately the 25 USDC fee for each withdrawal is quite a burden for users (unless you make very large withdrawals at once).


Another one of the best bitcoin apps is Gemini, it is based on strong support for novice users and advanced traders. What’s more, this App also offers its own hot wallet for users who don’t mind storing tokens online.

For those of you who make security as your focus, Gemini might be the best answer for you, because this application provides a hardware key to secure your private account. Not only that, the hot wallet is also supported by digital asset insurance to keep your investment safe. Amazingly, Gemini is also the first cryptocurrency exchange app that is SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.


This one app offers more than 130 tradable currencies, including metals, and about 40 available US stocks. Even though it doesn’t have the biggest crypto variety among other apps, but Uphold also displays all the major tokens that new traders might be interested in its homepage.

It’s no surprise that Uphold is considered one of the easiest platforms to use and the best for beginner to intermediate investors in crypto. Users can also set recurring limit orders via the AutoPilot option, or use the autopilot feature to invest a fixed amount on a regular basis according to a schedule you set yourself.