Crypto Tracker Apps That We Recommend You Try

From a huge list of thousands of cryptocurrencies, keeping track of the gains and losses that have gone through your investment can be difficult. Facts prove that until now there are still many people who miss important details in crypto trading activities, leading to errors in managing crypto investments themselves.

That’s why it’s necessary to have a good tracking app to use, because it’s an app like this that will track many exchanges and hundreds of coins that have been traded. Remarkably, most applications can display important details with high accuracy that would normally require a long calculation if done manually.

So it can be concluded that a portfolio tracker application will greatly empower your investment. Here are some crypto tracker apps that we recommend you try.


Similar to other apps, Delta Investment Tracker is an application that can be used to monitor your complete investment portfolio, including crypto. In the free version, users can connect to two exchange platforms, while in the paid version there is no such limitation.

You will see a similar policy for adding a crypto wallet in your account. Apart from that, free users can also analyze transaction history, coin share and sources. While the pro version features suggestions for good and bad investment decisions, cost details, and many other functions.

One of the advantages of Delta is in the built-in news section which allows you to pull the pieces that fit according to your portfolio. In other words, Delta can be a great choice for people with diverse portfolios combining stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, bonds, etc.


CoinMartetCap is one of the most popular crypto tracker apps as well as a cryptocurrency market provider that allows users to enter transactions manually. CoinMarketCap allows you to create multiple portfolios and view changes as you see fit. Although it is available for free, it unfortunately lacks some of the premium features found in other crypto tracker app platforms.

Those are some of the best crypto portofolio tracker app recommendations that you can use. Some applications offer advantages and disadvantages of each, you just need to adjust the application that best suits for your needs. Get to know more about each application to support your crypto trading activities.


CoinTracker is one of the crypto tracker apps that we recommend, because of the better and easier to use portfolio tracking feature in it. Through this app, you can track every investment you make on 300+ exchanges with more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Best of all, all the operations you perform are supported with an API key or CSV upload.

With these advantages, CoinTracker is able to show real-time market value, optimize cost-based accounting, and support tax loss harvesting. You can also get performance charts by date and crypto with the support of available daily portfolio updates.

The good news is that you can also start trading for free for five wallets and switch to the paid tier for more profit.


The next best crypto tracker app is CoinStats, it is a premium crypto portfolio tracker app that will give you various benefits, such as personalized crypto news, analytics, and support for you to manage your portfolio via desktop and mobile. You will also find support on multiple wallets and can exchange accounts via API keys. CoinStats also puts important information at your fingertips to make every investment decision easier.

In this app, you will also get graphs that show growth per asset or the entire portfolio in real time. In addition, there is a feature that makes CoinStats superior, namely the existence of a heat map that separates the entities that lose and gain. This section also reveals the most profitable and losing coins, top exchanges, total fees, withdrawals, etc.

Unfortunately, the users don’t get the free tier. However, for those of you who want to give it a try, CoinStats also provides a 3-day free trial facility for you.

The Crypto App

As the name implies, Crypto App is an application created to support all cryptocurrency trading activities, but this application can also act as a crypto portfolio tracker and become a provider of high-ranking smartphone-only news.

Although Crypto App supports integration of top exchanges with native blockchain wallets, but most of the users seem to prefer this app as a widget that allows its users to stay informed through the home screen without opening the app every time.

There are almost no shortcomings that can be found in this app, it’s just that the Crypto App in the free version still shows ads which are sometimes quite annoying for some users. But if you don’t want to be bothered by ad and get more widgets, then the pro version is the right choice for you. Interestingly, the pro version can also be obtained with only a one-time payment at the beginning.