Crypto Paper Trading App That You Can Try

As a business, trading does not only require skills, but traders are also required to continuously improve their abilities by practicing. But practice does not mean you have to always use real money in trading, because in this case you can still practice without risking your real money, you only need to use a paper trading account.

By practicing using a paper trading account, you will automatically reduce the risk of losses due to losses that cause you to lose real money. In addition, this method can also help you in building the best trading strategy.

The good news is, practicing with this way can also be done very easily by using Crypto Paper Trading App. For those of you who are interested in trying it, here are some recommendations for the Crypto Paper Trading App that you can try.

  • Bitsgap Demo account

Bitsgap is one of the most popular trading terminals and automated trading tools today. With Bitsgap, you can trade on multiple exchanges from just one app. This application is also very supportive for novice traders who want to practice their skills in crypto trading, because Bitsgap offers a choice of demo accounts for free with a balance of 1 BTC or 1000 USDT.

Using this demo account, you can start trading on any exchange you want. Bitsgap also has a lot of smart trading tools like trailing take profit, conditional stop limits, and many others. Especially for those of you who love automated trading, Bitsgap also allows you to be able to run automated grid bots in this demo account, so you can freely test automated trading through your own robot.

With all the advantages that Bitsgap has to offer, this application is definitely the right choice for you, especially for those of you who currently want a crypto paper trading application.

  • TradingView Simulator

Who doesn’t know TradingView? This is the number 1 charting tool which has recently launched its new feature, namely crypto paper trading. In other words, TradingView is now also one of the best Crypto Paper Trading Apps that you can try.

The paper trading tools offered by TradingView allow users to access them directly from the chart panel. Unfortunately, for now the crypto paper trading app feature on TradingView is still limited to fiat pair options, such as BTC : USD. Even so, Trading View can still be one of the best Crypto Paper Trading Apps that you can use right now.

  • Cryptohopper Paper Trading

Cryptohopper is one of the best crypto trading bots, and it gives its users the freedom to create paper trading accounts for testing bots in trading systems.

This application may not look as simple as Tradingview or other Crypto paper trading apps, but a number of available features offer various advantages that will support your crypto trading activities. Through the provided free account, you will have access to most trading bots, including their paper trading accounts.

Paper trading on Cryptohopper is the same as normal trading on other apps, but here you can deposit up to 100k of any cryptocurrency and experiment with the trading system you want for free. The best part about paper trading in this app is that the data is presented in real-time, this will create an experience as if you were in a real trade.

  • eToro Virtual Portfolio account

eToro has also become one of the popular names in social commerce for almost the last decade. eToro offers various types of trading, from commodities, currencies, to cryptocurrencies that are very popular with people from all over the world.

Although better known as a trading service provider, many users don’t realize that it turns out that eToro also offers a free trading simulation account that can be used to practice trading. Just like any other crypto paper trading platform, eToro only provides real Cryptoassets available to US users.

Through this virtual money you can also test crypto trading strategies to practice trading on eToro, which is definitely one of the easiest ways for you to start trading, even if you may not be a trader. Those are some of the best crypto paper trading platform apps that you can try.